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Foot Conditions

Nail Trim & File

Do you have trouble reaching your feet, or cutting your nails correctly?

If so, no need to struggle.  Havering Foot Care can provide a routine nail cut & file for you every 6 weeks. For a small additional cost, we can cut your finger nails too.

Callus (Hard Skin) & Cracked Heels

Do you suffer with dry cracked heels or hard discoloured skin on the sides & balls of your feet?

Havering Foot Care can remove & treat these conditions making you more comfortable.

Hard & Thickened Nails

Do you suffer with hard, thick toe nails that may also be discoloured & uncomfortable?

Havering Foot Care offer a nail thinning service making nail cutting more effective, as well as reducing pressure from shoes rubbing.


Do you have small round patches of hard skin on the top, side or in between the toes, or

perhaps on the soles of the feet that is painful and uncomfortable?

If so, Havering Foot Care can treat & remove corns making walking & daily activities pleasurable again.

Fungal Nail Infection

Fungal nail infections can cause crumbly, dry, cracked, discoloured & brittle nails.

Havering Foot Care can assess, treat & manage this condition accordingly.

Athletes Foot

Do you have itchy, red, peeling, cracking or scaling feet, possibly between the toes? is

there a burning sensation?

If so, this could be Athletes Foot. Let Havering Foot Care Services assess, treat & manage

this condition.

In-Growing Toe Nail or Involuted Nail

Are you suffering with uncomfortable or painful toes? are your nails breaking or pressing

into your skin?

Call to arrange an appointment for an assessment & appropriate treatment.

Diabetic Foot Care

Are you are diabetic & require routine management to keep your feet healthy?

Call Havering Foot Care Services for an appointment.

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